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About Us

The contest “Pérou Gourmet” was born from the initiative of the Peru-Canda Chambre of Commerce in Montreal - CCPCM with the mission to expand and strengthen the presence of Peruvian cuisine in the Canadian market.

The CCPCM is proud to present edition 2018 of this contest in one of Canada's largest culinary cities: Montreal. A cosmopolitan metropolis and eager for new culinary experiences.

Also, Pérou Gourmet is possible thanks to the unconditional support of its sponsors: 


Chambe de commerce Pérou-Canada de Montréal logo

Chamber of Commerce Peru-Canada of Montreal

Our institution's mission is to promote and stimulate the development of commercial relations between Canada and Peru. The CCPCM is active in the promotion of Peru through events that affect the activities of promising sectors.


Trade Commission of Peru - OCEX Toronto

Trade Commission of Peru - OCEX Toronto

Peruvian government entity whose mission is to position Peru in the world through the promotion of its image, its tourist destinations and the international trade relations.

Proud partner of CCPCM, the commercial office in Peru to Canada is committed to this culinary initiative to promote Peruvian cuisine and propel knowledge of Peru and his products consumption.

Copa Airlines logo

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines was founded in 1947 as the national airline of Panama. Copa Airlines is named “top on-time airline in Latin America”, by FlightStats and recognized as the most “On-Time Performance Service” in 2014 rankings.

Copa Airlines makes regular trips to Peru and currently has four flights a week via Panama.

Tiradito Peruvian Brasserie


Peruvian brasserie in the heart of Montreal by acclaimed chef Marcel Larrea. Menu accompanied by Pisco cocktails, organic wine and local craft beer.


Casa Andina

C'est une chaîne hôtelière péruvienne fondée en février 2003, qui propose une expérience de voyage, intégrant les particularités de chaque destination, de l'architecture, la décoration, la cuisine, les activités et la musique, offrant ainsi à ses visiteurs une expérience de voyage unique .

Ils ont 3 types d'hôtels, avec des attributs différents, compte tenu des besoins et des préférences de leurs voyageurs.


LaSalle College Logo

LaSalle College

This is the largest bilingual college in North America. With its international network of 18 facilities, LaSalle College has become the Canadian educational institution most deployed worldwide.

LaSalle College has accepted the challenge of working with the Chamber of commerce to make reality the event and to motivate students to take the adventure of discovering Peruvian cuisine.

San Ceferino Trattoria Gourmet logo

San Ceferino - Trattoria Gourmet

Emblematic restaurant of Peruvian Italian fusion, the San Ceferino Trattoria Gourmet has managed to integrate Peruvian flavors to traditional Italian dishes, making it the best restaurant in its category. His original menu of pastas is now a successful fusion of Peruvian and international food

Madre Restaurant

Restaurant MADRE

Restaurants located in Montreal on Masson and Fleury streets, directed by the chef-owner Mario Navarrete Jr. Madre is an urban bistro where you can bring your own wine. Mario Navarrete offers fresh seasonal cuisine with a Latin American menu using Peruvian influences.

Peru Canada Consulate

Consulate General of Peru in Montreal

The Consulate General of Peru in Montreal mission is to strengthen and improve the bonding of the Peruvian State with Peruvian communities living abroad, to allow better integration in the host countries.

Agenda Social Magazine logo

Agenda Social Magazine

Electronic monthly magazine. Agenda Social presents analysis and opinions of inescapable places or activities in Quebec. Its first objective is to be a socio-cultural showcase of many cultures that exist in our Latin-American community to non-Spanish speakers. Agenda Social also looks for an integration of the Hispanic community in the Canadian culture to build and strengthen a sense of belonging in this country.