Peru Gourmet 2014

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Peru Gourmet 2014

1st Edition 

The first edition of the contest Peru Gourmet Canada, demonstrated the high level culinary students during their three stages. The Chief and jury Mario Navarrete prepared chupe shrimp and ceviche; what the finalists, Soraya Ramiro, Angelo Jaramillo Reátegui and Michaell imitate and demonstrate that deserved to win the gastronomic trip to Lima, Peru.A unique travel, an enriched experience for student Soraya Ramiro, winner of culinarey contest Peru Gourmet 2015.

Soraya Ramiro was the winner of 2015 edition held at LaSalle College. Chin Man has passed through various stages of the competition, the initial selection, the semifinals and the finals, step she won with the highest score of the evening.

The Winner

Relive the Soraya Ramiro's winning experience of the 2014 culinary contest. Soraya realized for the final a delicious ceviche and shrimp soup.

During the competition each stage was exciting and relieved. It was hard to know which participant would win the contest.

Winner Trip 2014

The winner Soraya Ramiro traveled to Peru in April 2015 to enjoy their prize, the gastronomic tour of some of the most renowned restaurants sector.

During his trip, Soraya had the opportunity to enjoy various experiences such as a visit to market fruits and vegetables San Isidro and visited restaurants as in the city of Cuzco Chicha and in Lima, Madame Tusan, La Lucha, Grimanesa, Astrid & Gaston, San Ceferino, Pisco Bar, El Cordano, Central Restaurant and Tanta.