Traditional Tuna Causa

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Traditional Tuna Causa with Yellow Pepper


For the Causa

  • - 4-5 medium potatoes, yellow type
  • - 1 ½ tbsp. of yellow pepper pasta
  • - 2-3 lime juice
  • - 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil
  • - Salt

Filling the CAUSA

  • - 250 gr. fresh tuna
  • - ¼ brown onion (brunoise)
  • - ½ tbsp. of chopped cilantro
  • - 1 avocado
  • - 1 lime
  • - Salt
  • - Olive oil
  • - 1 tuna can in oil

Yellow Pepper Sauce

  • - 4 tbsp. of mayonnaise
  • - 1 lime
  • - ¾ tbsp. (approx.) of yellow pepper pasta


  • - 1/2 red onion (in slices), salt, lime juice, cilantro, olive oil ("criolla" sauce).
  • - Chopped cilantro
  • - Micro-shoots



  • 1. Boil potatoes, peel them and pass them in a potato press while they are hot.
  • 2. Add the yellow pepper, salt and oil. Mix well with your hands until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous mass of potato. Gradually add the ingredients. Should not be very acidic or spicy. Reserve until it is cold.

Stuffed of tuna

Cut the tuna in small cubes, mix with the onion, cilantro, lime (juice), salt and oil.

Yellow pepper sauce

Mix the ingredients to your taste.

Assemble the Causa

Take a mass of potato and place it as a base in a ring or other removable mold. Place the avocado pieces and above add the fresh tuna mixture. Cover the top with a mass of potato.

Use canned tuna for extra decoration, according to your taste (see picture).

Finalize the assembly of the top with "criolla" sauce and add the yellow pepper sauce (mayonnaise)

Suggested presentation

Use different shapes of molds, micro-shoots, shopped cilantro and diced avocados.

*** Important to use all the ingredients of the recipe ***